Proverbs 31:8,9

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

King Lemuel’s mother spoke wise words to teach a King how to look out for his people and to protect those who could not protect themselves. She had recognised how important it was for him to learn that he should always be in control (not partaking of alcohol), being careful of whom he kept company with and keeping his strength for things that really mattered.

His mother’s words, however, are not just for King Lemuel, but also for the reader. If we do not take responsibility for speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, then who will? We should work towards being a strength to our family, our friends, to those who are in need and speak up at a time when it is important to do so.

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  1. MARIA ROLO Says:


    It’s 11:06 pm in Texas. I am sitting in front a computer reading your articles. I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ to bless your sincer efforts to
    reach your reader. I have been asked to preach in my
    church. I didn’t know were to go this evening to find
    insperation, I read some of your articles, and felt encouraged and modivated. You see I have been asked to preach in my church, as part of a womens ministery
    event. I speak to others of Kinbdom and Jesus Christ and encourage others in the word. But I know
    that I myself have so many weakness to overcome. I don’t feel worthy to preach to God’s people. When I am speaking to on one to one it seems like God gives me the words and it flows in harmany with WORD
    I know it’s not from me. I don’t want others to see me. And the more I say no and reject any form of leadership (WOMENS MINISTERY) the more it comes up in my life in every church and social event. Can you tell me what I should do? I want to be a clean vessel that God can use, but I keep trying only to fail. The more I tried, the more trials come my way.
    I run and hide and it comes back- I don’t want to preach or write–I cann’t lead other women. I don’t know what to do? Write back please. I want to hear the advice of someone that hears with their ears. and understand with her heart.

  2. proverbs31 Says:

    Hi Maria, when reading your message my immediate thoughts were ‘Moses, Jonah and Job’. None of them felt they were equipped either, as you know Moses argued with God (as did Job) saying he wasn’t eloquent enough and to use his brother, Aaron. In fact Paul comments on the same thing in the New Testament. Jonah ran away only to be swallowed up by large fish and then spat out close to where he was supposed to be anyway.

    It seems to me that God has a mission for you and you need to accept it. You’ve already recognised He gives you the words for a one-on-one and He will also do so in a group situation. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make some preparation because that will help you to feel more calm – even if God ends up getting you to speak on something else when the time arrives.

    None of us feel worthy to preach to God’s people and we all fall short of where we feel we should be. However, Maria, that’s where God’s grace comes in. If He was waiting for perfection, He’d be waiting till eternity comes. Thank God He sent us His Son to fill that gap and cover us with his perfect blood to wash away our sins and our imperfections.

    Feel free to write again – I’d love to hear how you go. Kathie

    P.S.  My daughter says ‘hello, wake up!’  Even she can tell that God is not going to let you out of it!

  3. MARIA ROLO Says:

    I want to cry. I am scared. But I know that after so many years of saying no. God won’t stop.
    I will try it. I guess I am more afraid of failing God then anything. I feel so naked spiritually when he wants to use me.
    I feel so safe to be like a child, innocent and carefree. When I study the word is so convicting.
    To say what God wants me to say means to live by every word and to lead others to do the same. And as much as I want too, I fail.
    I have always been taking care of others and I am so very tried. I am sorry for the nagging. This is the only place I can do this. Pray for me.

  4. proverbs31 Says:

    Maria, you need to understand that you can NOT get perfection. God wants the weakness, he was to use those who can’t do it in their own strength, but only in HIS strength. He wants you to lean on Him. He wants you to seek His guidance and His help. Just remember that when you share with others you need to share from your own experiences, coupled with the Word of God. No-one can dispute your experiences – they’re your experiences and no-one else’s. When you speak from the heart and from experience, people will listen and marvel at how God has touched your life and they will want to experience what you have.

    So, spend time concentrating on the subject you need to speak on, seek God to direct you as to what you need to cover, know that you want to speak about this, and this, and this, and have those things written on a card or piece of paper, but don’t worry about having a whole long speech written because you won’t end up using it anyway.

    Another tip (I do public speaking so can help you with this), make sure you have a watch on the stand with you so you can see how you’re going for timing without having to glance at it on your wrist – doing that only makes the audience look at their watches too. And have some favourite bible verses marked in your bible so you can turn to those if you feel you’re getting stuck. Tell the audience you like this verse because……. and then just talk from your heart.

    Bless you. Kathie

  5. proverbs31 Says:

    Maria, I belong to a Christian Business Women’s Network and they were discussing something from Larry Burkett. I think you need to see this as I’m sure it’s a message intended for you, and so I’m reposting it here. Please read it carefully and pray over it. Kathie


    Did you ever audition for a play or for a chorus? Usually you have to do a bit of acting or singing–whatever is required–and then leave, hoping to get chosen and called back. You have to be absolutely perfect for the role you tried out for.

    You have a role in life that only you can fill. You don’t have to audition for it, because you are the only one who can do exactly what it calls for. God has chosen you to do a specific thing. And, the best part is, you aren’t in compeition with anyone else for the “part”. No one could be as good a YOU as you can be.

    You could follow Billy Graham around for weeks for months, study his preaching, mannerism, talents, and learn to sound just like he does. But you could never be a better Billy Graham than he is. That’s because God called him to be just who he is.

    The same is true of you. You don’t need to be jealous of anyone else, because when God calls for you, there is nobody else who can answer your call. You have no contenders. You are the “start”. You won the “audition”.

    You are a unique individual. God’s Word says, “The very hairs of your head are all numbered”. Matt 10:30

    If God calls you to the task that is specifically your’s and you don’t accept His call, your blessings will go to someone else. Pay close attention to the prompting of the Holy Spirit so you won’t miss your blessings.

    “I have known you by name, and you have also found favor in My sight”. Exodus 33:12

    — Larry Burkett

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