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My church is planning a financial seminar in August and I’ve been asked to present on budgeting.  I do budget my own earnings and tithe as well, and know the basic principles but I wanted to add to my knowledge so started seeking out biblical teachings on organising money in the home.  I didn’t have to look far.  There were some good things on the web and in my local Christian store a series of books written by Larry Burkett.  I’d not read any of his books before but already I can see he knows his stuff and it’s soundly set in biblical teaching.  Personal Finances is a great, easy to read, not a long book, and worth getting, and reading.

So, why am I mentioning it here?  It’s because on page 15 he’s talking about how important it is to use our abilities for God’s glory. And then he mentions that wives and mothers excel at what they do.  That usually the mother becomes the teacher of habits in the home and her attitudes are generally reflected by her children.  If she excels at what she does and keeps the home well organised, she can be a great asset to home financial planning (direct text). Now, doesn’t that sound like a Proverbs 31 woman?  He hasn’t mentioned that book in this passage but throughout his book he does reference lots of scripture – I highlighted this passage and wrote in it afterwards, Proverbs 31 woman.

If you need some biblical guidance in home finances, budgeting and tithing (and don’t we all?) then I recommend you look for this book or others, to help give you that guidance.  The latter verses of Proverbs 31 touches on this area.  KMT

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