Proverbs 31:11-12

Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.

Does this describe you if you are a wife? This is not to say that the wife is his slave, but that he values her abilities and skills and appreciates all that she contributes to the household and the family. That everything she does is to the good of the household, thereby bringing with her a sense of confidence, security, contentment, warmth, love, all the things that a wife and mother represent. Other versions talk about the heart of the husband having full trust in her. And that’s how it should be – a wife having trust for her husband and her husband having trust for his wife.

Have you given good reason for your husband to trust you and have full confidence in you? It’s not too late to work towards this goal and become a proverbs 31 woman.

Prayer: Father, please work with me each day and help me become a proverbs 31 woman, a wife to make my husband proud and a mother to make my children proud.

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  1. Kimberly (from ryze) Says:


    This is a tough one. I tend to have an attitude and while I do a good job at taking care of the home and so forth, I don’t like to bossed around and to be criticized to the point of abuse.

    My husband doesn’t abuse me. However, he has a critical spirit. There’s something lacking and I’m trying to figure it out. I don’t know if it’s lacking on my part or his.

    My prayer: Dear Lord I pray that You would open our eyes so that we may see Your will in our lives. I pray that I can be the wife you expect me to be. I thank You and praise You in Jesus Name, AMEN.

  2. proverbs31 Says:

    Thank you Kimberly. Yes, it can be hard. Husbands don’t see what happens in the home when they’re not there and it’s hard for them to appreciate those things. My husband, whilst not a critical spirit, did tend to have the ‘normal’ male attitude about things at home, and in particular my business at home, which was probably viewed more like a hobby. That is until he was forced to be home for six months, due to ill health in 1997. His eyes were very much opened during that period and he had a new found respect for my role in the house, both as a wife, and as a business owner. He’s since had cause to be home for further periods due to accidents relating to his love of cycling and mountain bike riding – each time I’ve been here for him, caring for him, looking after the household and still running my business.

    Whilst I don’t wish ill health or accidents upon your husband, I do pray and hope that he will have cause to view you in a different light because he has learnt just how much you do in his home.

  3. proverbs31 Says:

    Kimberley, I read a message today from TGIF (Today God Is First) which I think you really need to read. Go to as it might assist.

  4. nancy Says:

    I would think that maybe he doesn’t understand that you feel that way. I believe that if you chose a good time and be really open to him about what his comments do to you, change may be on its way. This may take time. Having openned up will relieve you of carrying the burden. Strengthen yourself in the Lord and let his Joy be your strength.

  5. jimmy Says:

    I love it. Now, how do you get women in general to appreciate a man who understands this?

  6. Louise Poe Says:

    I wnjoy readin the word for the day it always seems to be just we need for that day.

  7. Dee Hernandez Says:

    This proverb is not at all about the man. The mother of King Lamuel is talking about how lucky he should be to find a virtuous women. The Holy Spirit allowed this woman to be inspired and praise what a real woman really is. The man hardly get mentions. She does it to be “perfect” in God’s eyes. She does not do it to be admonished or kept by the man. It is her relationship with her lover (God) that produces such virtues. If we would learn as women of God to do everything unto him instead of because we were expected to by mother-in-law or husbands our blessing would truly not fit.

  8. Hannah Says:

    I’ve been praying a lot about the trust portion. If I’m doing all I can to be trust worthy, but he still says it is hard to trust me what can I do? He even says I haven’t done anything to lose his trust.

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