There is healing in love

As mentioned recently, my husband has been in hospital for many weeks.  I was anxious for his return home, just as he was.  We missed one another very much – I was lonely at home, and he was missing everything that home represented. Funny, but home seemed so empty with his absence, although in normal circumstances he’s only here at night time, most of the time. He’s away at work Monday-Friday and on weekends usually on mountain bike rides (the cause of the accident) or trail building or out with his mate.  He’ll be home in the evenings and we go to church together on Sunday mornings. Sometimes we go out for dinner, visit family together, or have family meals here.

Well I’m pleased to say he came home last Friday and we were both elated.  Home seems so different now and we talked about how we’ll never take one another for granted again.  There was so much we both missed and never realised just how much we would miss each other and our normal life together.

In the short time he’s been home he has begun being able to do things he could not do while at the hospital.  All part of the healing process but with a difference. Here at home it feels so different (for him) and the healing seems quicker.  Perhaps it’s because the time is more filled with things and it goes faster, perhaps it’s because he’s doing different but every day normal things to what he was doing in the hospital.  I do believe there is something else in it though – love.  I was thinking about what has transpired in the past 72 hours and it’s been filled with love.

Love here at home, love at our church, love from our family and friends.  It hit me – that there is healing in love.

When you read through the verses in Proverbs 31:10-31 you will find that everything the Proverbs 31 Woman does is covered in love.  She brings her husband good, not harm, all the days of her life…. she provides food for her family… she watches over the affairs of her household and so it continues.

When you think further on through the bible though you are reminded of a love that is larger, much larger, and the promise of healing for all.  John 3:16  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son…  Yes, there is healing in love.

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  1. adrienne Says:

    Oh what a BLESSINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooooo glad he is home now!!! Praying for total healing in Jesus name!

  2. adrienne Says:

    Hi! Just wanted to check on you all and see how you were doing!

  3. proverbs31 Says:

    Thanks Adrienne, I appreciate that. He’s home and still in the recovery process. Each day brings its own challenges. Some days he’s really good and others not so good. We take each day as it comes.

  4. adrienne Says:

    Good. I will continue to pray for total healing and for your strength!

  5. Janet Says:

    I think you could very well be right … people talk about the healing power of laughter, what about the healing power of love. Actually didn’t Huey Lewis & the News sing a great song about that (now I’m showing my age!)?!

  6. sunsetts Says:

    Hi Proverbs 31
    I happened upon your website/blog. cause I felt I wanted/needed to do a
    study on the Proverbs 31 woman. 🙂
    Your blogs are so interesting/encouraging/ a blessing to me and I just want to
    take the time to say, Thank You for doing so.
    What a blessing!!! 🙂

    I hope your husband gets better speedily with a full recovery.
    He is lucky to have you and you seem like a great wife/godly woman, which is
    what I’m trying to be more of these days in my older age. (47)..

    A Hug for you.
    Gods Blessings to you/family.

  7. sunsetts Says:

    A quote I like.. thought I would share. 🙂

  8. adrienne Says:

    Hey! Just wanted to drop by and check on you all! Praying all is well!!

  9. proverbs31 Says:

    Thanks Adrienne. I appreciate you asking very much. He is progressing and is now working fulltime, although here at home. He’s about to get behind the wheel of a car again – after almost 6 months. He has gone into the city twice this week by train to his office but felt that was too much in a short time. He is improving but gets frustrated with not being able to do things he used to do. All in good time – or should I say in ‘God’s time’? Prayers are very much appreciated.

  10. adrienne Says:

    Hey! Just wanted to check on you again 🙂 Keeping you in my prayers!

  11. proverbs31 Says:

    Thanks Adrienne. He’s come a long way since you last asked. We walked 7kms together around the lake at a local park just last week. He’s on the exercise bike almost every day and doing up to an hour in exercise. His fitness and stamina are greatly improved and he feels he’s almost ready to be on his bike again. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened this weekend.

    He still suffers pain and is on medication still but says that with the increased exercise the pain is better managed. He is definitely on the road to recovery.

  12. adrienne Says:

    That’s so wonderful! How are YOU???

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