Sad day, reflection on society?

Today is a sad day in the city of Melbourne.  A 29 year old woman, who was an employee of one of our media services disappeared early last Saturday morning, while walking on her way home from a night out with her colleagues. She only had 800 metres to walk. She’d twice refused a lift home from one her colleagues.  Who knows the reason why.  Her husband was waiting for her at home.

In the past couple of days it’s come to light that she was seen on the pavement by video cameras inside of shops with a man who was talking to her.  This morning it was announced that a man had been arrested last night and her body found overnight.  I think the whole city was really feeling this one. Why? Was it because of her being involved with the ABC and so there seemed to be more connection? Was it because of the way the story unfolded and so many others could relate to it?

What was reported over the week was that other women had been approached by a man of the same description in that area of recent times. Why was that not reported earlier to the police? They could have seen a pattern was emerging and been on the lookout for this guy. Instead it took a disappearance before anyone spoke up. By that time it was too late, it had become a murder.

I find it really strange, that in a society where we are so connected by the Internet and social media that people still remain disconnected in their thinking for other people. What if it had been reported about this man earlier? Would Jill Meagher still be alive today?

I know I don’t know the full story and it will probably be months or a year or two before it all comes out in the courts but I encourage you, my readers, to consider the possible plight of others if something happens to you, or nearly happens to you.  You might have survived but what about the next person?

In verses 26 and 27 we’re told how the Proverbs 31 Woman speaks with wisdom and also how she watches over the affairs of her household. May I encourage you to also consider to watch over the affairs of your neighborhood and if you see or experience something you know isn’t right, then speak up with wisdom and report it to those who need to know about it.  You may never know it, but you could save someone else a lot of grief in that process.

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  1. Janet Says:

    Kathie, I think the whole country is sad about this young woman’s murder.

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